At STARDOM our jewelry designs are inspired by nature. We aspire to provide the market with fashion jewelry made of the finest materials possible. You will find our styling to be clean, new, innovative and bold. All our jewelry is designed and produced at our own facilities. Our products are made from materials that range from 925 sterling silver, stainless steel, to genuine high quality leathers. Our jewelry is handmade using elements such as crystals, fresh-water pearls, and semi-precious stones.
All of our jewelry is nickel free.

Our wish: To be a world-leading fashion brand. 
Our Spirit: People-oriented, Service-oriented, Quality-oriented, Development-oriented. 
Our Service Concept: You say, we act. 
Our Quality Concept: Quality is the symbol of a brand. 
Our Business Concept: Cooperation with trust, common development. 
Our Mission: Make life more charming.

Our Story

Annie and Morris founded an agency company in 2003 helping customers from overseas buying from China. At the beginning a Swedish company who was selling pillow covers bought some pearls bracelets as promotion. People came back to the stores and asked for more jewelry instead of pillow covers. Then we decided to sell jewelry only. That is how we entered the jewelry industry.

We served companies from South Africa, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and USA till 2009. It was fun to work with them as their exclusive producer and we learnt a lot.

In 2010 we were thinking about registering our jewelry brand, but couldn’t find a suitable one. We have a friend in the USA named his son ”Stardom”, means famous, stars. We love“Stardom”! So we registered Stardom as our brand. Everyone loves Stardom!

We travelled a lot and met lots of people in the shows in UK, Hong Kong and USA.

We launched Stardom in 20 stores in Australia  and 200 stores in Spain since 2015.